The inside has no secrets.

The inside has no secrets

The inside has no secrets. What is OK and NOT OK ?

Currently, there are two proven ways to measure internal brown in fruit: reflection and transmission. In both measurements, the result is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. A ‘wrong’ is a deviation of the fruit flesh or core/pit. Actually, we don’t even know why a fruit is ‘wrong’. Yet we are super curious to know what is inside the fruit. 

As an industrial partner of an imaging group, we collaborate on X-ray studies of apples. On a 3D CT scan, the inside of an apple no longer holds any secrets. You can distinguish every spot and discoloration in great detail…wow!
Only we shouldn’t be too early to cheer; scanning one apple takes 5 minutes 🙃 . It does give beautiful pictures, though.

Read more about this PhD research:

The inside has no secrets


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🔶 Sizing and packaging solutions that treat fruit gently.
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🔶 Modular gauges.
🔶 Upgradable electronics in the future.
🔶 Easy maintenance that can be carried out by the customer.
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🔶 You will have an experienced consultant as your partner to guide and assist you in the operation of your calibration line.


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